Monday -- Dress Classy: "We look too good for drugs"
Tuesday -- Twin day or Impersonate your favorite teacher: "Be a good role model"
Wednesday -- Dress as your favorite Disney character: "Happily Ever After--don't do drugs"
Thursday -- Throw back Thursday; dress in your favorite era: "Throw out drugs"
Friday -- Rebel day or College day; wear red and black or college shirt: "Fight the good fight-don't do drugs"


Applauding excellent customer service and recognizing those who go the extra mile to provide support to fellow employees, students, parents and community members, the Applause Award is a revamping of the A+ Award for Exemplary Customer Service which has been part of the district for nearly a decade. For more information, click here.
Congratulations Mrs. Orsak and Mrs. Shelley for receiving an "applause" for October!

Students, what’s your plan? Are you on track to graduate? What about after graduation? Have you thought about what career will let you do what you love? New graduation plans mean more options for students. Parents, to help your child map his or her plan for the future, visit the AISD website at

No Excuses University ACE

Yearbooks are on sale.  Take money to room 107 or go to


Quotes from Kids

“I think that the teachers really care about their students.  They really want them to do well and want to help them succeed.”  Keegan Franklin

“I like this school because every kid is really nice.”  Jason Chambers

“The staff are nice & have good respect and the coaches are the best in Amarillo.”  Jose Alvarado

“There is never a day where I have ever felt scared or unsafe at Austin.” Ericca Carter

2013-2014 Secondary School Supply List

Secondary School Supply List 13-14.docx

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